Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Money Adder

First Step: Choose a money adder with witch you gonna add money to your account

Second Step: Download the software from the download page

Third Step: After downloading you need to open it.

Fourth Step: Put all needed information in the boxes (you can add maximum 500 USD at one time)

Fifth Step: Choose all suggested settings (Like “use proxy server” you can choose them all”

Sixth Step: Click button “Add Money” and wait until the process is done

Seventh Step: He will ask for activation code, activation code you can get in “Buy activation code” page by buying it with bitcoins

Eighth Step: After you receive the code put it in the activation box and click done

Ninth Step: After activating the software click again button “Add Money” and it will show 100% and that money will be in your account in 1 minute

How to use Bitcoin Multiplier

1: Download the software (In “Bitcoin Multiplier” page).

2: Open the software just by clicking on the downloaded file.

3: In Deposit Section choose amount to deposit.

4: After choosing amount to deposit click button (Deposit – BTC).

5: You will get unique bitcoin address, you need send btc to that address.

6: After sending bitcoins to that address click button ‘Done’, and go to Section ‘My Account’.

7: Click button (Refresh) and you will see your deposited and doubled amount in the software.

8: After Refreshing go to section ‘Withdraw’, choose a server and other settings.

9: Insert your own Bitcoin address and click button ‘Withdraw’. Your doubled BTC will be send instantly.

You got questions? We got answers!


You can download the software latterly for free! No survey and no passwords. You can download it and start it with just a couple of clicks. In order to add money you need to have a license key you can  buy a full version in buy page.


Yes you need. But you would ask why? Because we can’t give it for free. A lot of people want’s it and they will abuse the software and then software will not work because it will get detected. If you really want to change your life and make it easier you can spend a little amount one time payment and you will make all your money back just in 1 click after buying.


We have a live chat that works 24/7. If you will face any problems with the payment or software & website you can always contact us there but if you not get a answer or you can’t use a live chat then you can contact us true our E-mail – [email protected] or true our website.

What is the minimum amount of bitcoins I can deposit?

0.08 BTC is the minimum amount we are able to work with in order to launch a successful trading campaign to double the original investment and still keep the 1 hours time period promised.

How I can be sure your company is paying?

We have return and refund policy (30 days). We have a lot of good comments and testimonials. Much videos and photos of the pay payments.

What if I do not see an answer to my question?

Please contact us by any form available. We will gladly provide an answer to your question.

Do you only accept the Bitcoin cryptocurrency?

We currently only accept the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

What happens if I submit the same bitcoin withdraw address more than once?

You need not worry! Your withdrawal address will simply have more than one investment tied to it.

Can I make more than one deposit?

Yes, there are no limitations. You can generate as many deposit addresses as you wish.

How can I contact you?

If you have any problems or further questions, you are most welcome to contact us using our contact page.


After downloading the software you need to get the license key in order to add money to you account/wallet. To get the license key you need to buy a full version. With full version you can add 500 USD every day to any account/wallet. The license key will work for all time. You can purchase it with a bitcoin payment ONLY. After sending the right amount, we will send you the activation code to your E-mail (MAXIMUM 10 MINUTES).


Our tools & generators & money adders are updated every month. They are automatically upgraded so you need just click on the software check for updates and updates will be automatically updated and download. Our software has been coded by the professionals so you can be sure it’s save and your IP is hidden. You don’t need to use VPN or something it’s legit money and hack. it’s impossible to lose money everything is automatic. Our software works perfectly and it’s up to date.

How do you double my coins and add money with money adder?

We use a custom high-frequency trading algorithm. Because the bitcoin price is constantly changing, our platform will automatically buy and sell thousands of bitcoin (satoshi) every minute, locking the price differences as profit. The money adder use his special plugins to get the money. We can’t explain how it’s done because of the privacy.

Does it ever take longer than 24 hours to receive my doubled bitcoins?

No, this doesn’t usually happen as we have an emergency savings wallet that we use to double bitcoins of failed or halted trades. This ensures our investors receive their double bitcoins on time.

How do I withdraw my money?

You don’t need do anything to withdraw profit. When your investment matures you will receive double your coins automatically in your bitcoin address or money from money adder you will directly get in to your specified account.

When will my deposit show up on My Investments?

Usually transactions are displayed automatically once the deposit transaction receives 3 confirmations from the Bitcoin Network. Contact our customer support if your transaction has at least 3 confirmations, and it is still missing.

What should I do if I don’t receive my doubled bitcoins after 24 hours?

Contact us and we will investigate the issue and make sure that you receive your doubled bitcoins one way or another.

Do you charge any fees for your services?

No, we do no charge any fee for our services or use of our website.

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